2020 Legislative Priorities


We SUPPORT legislation dedicating state resources for the development and enhancement of municipal cybersecurity by providing funding for technical assistance, threat assessments, employee training, infrastructure improvements and data protection.

Medical Marijuana

We SUPPORT legislation restoring municipal authority to regulate medical marijuana facilities within municipal boundaries.

Affordable Housing

We SUPPORT legislation that requires all monies from the Sadowski State and Local Housing Trust Fund be used only for Florida’s affordable housing programs.

Transportation Funding

We SUPPORT legislation that will provide local governments with new and innovative revenue options and resources to finance critical infrastructure, maintenance and construction needs to meet the ever-changing transportation demands driven by dramatic population growth and new technology throughout Florida.

Digital Divide

We SUPPORT legislation that reduces the digital divide and facilitates competitive and affordable broadband Internet service to all areas of the state.


We SUPPORT legislation that facilitates the municipal annexation of unincorporated areas, while protecting private property rights and respecting municipal boundaries.

Smoke-Free Zones in City Parks

We SUPPORT legislation authorizing local governments to establish smoke-free zones within the boundaries of a city park.

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